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Absolutely Perfect!

- Irina S.

Adding Aroma, Aesthetics and Aristocracy to Humble Halwa!

- Rajneesh B.

Convenient to dig into, and lots of different flavors. Hope you all enjoy as much as we did!

- Madhur D.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are we based?

Halwa Craft is based in Mumbai, India. We dispatch orders from Mumbai and deliver across India and can also deliver internationally on special request.

Will the halwa not spoil during transport?

Please be rest assured that the Halwa will remain absolutely fresh even throughout courier delivery. Our Halwa has shelf life of 12 months in ambient condition / room temperature (no refrigeration or freezing required or suggested) without any preservatives. This has been tested in third party laboratories. For more information on how we achieve this, please read the answer in the full FAQs page here.

The Halwa will remain absolutely fresh till the Best Before date as long as the seal is intact.

How can I get/order Halwa?

Halwa Craft can be bought at:

1. This Website - You can add to cart the products you want to order and checkout using online payment or COD option. Shop here on the website.

2. Amazon - link here

3. Big Basket - link here

4. Stores - see details here

Why Buy Halwa Craft?


Making halwa at home is time and effort consuming. Halwa Craft is just like home-made halwa! Just order and it will get delivered!

Our halwa comes in a cup that is microwave safe so you can simply heat it in the microwave oven for 20 seconds and eat with the spoon provided.

You can carry our halwa cups anywhere while traveling - it has a great shelf life without preservatives and in room temperature!


We have 4 flavours of Halwa with many more in the works!

Our cups are 100g or a single serving - so that each person can choose what they like!

We have Gluten-Free flavours too!


Our halwa doesn't float in ghee nor is it full of sugar. We make halwa with balanced quantities of ghee and sugar so that you feel less guilty while eating it, while still enjoying authentic tasting halwa!

Our halwas have healthy ingredients such as almonds, walnuts, moong dal, millets, anjeer and desi ghee!